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No lamp and light today updates my friends, but if you are following along, today I read Isaiah 55-57.  Mondays and Tuesdays are our weekends (minus our oldest being at school for a good chunk of the day) so I spent it doing family-centered things.  We even got to spend a couple of hours, just the four of us, in our pool this afternoon being silly.  It was a long time coming and memories were made that will last a lifetime!  I hope that we never forget how to just be silly because I think it's even better medicine than just plain old laughter.

A few times I have mentioned my friend Christa who's daughter, Adelynn, had anencephaly.  Well at midnight Christa is being induced with her second child.  Addelyn's little brother Nolan is ready to make his debut.  :) I have spoken many times about how deeply I believe that prayer works and I'm asking you to keep Christa, her husband Wade, and their son in your prayers throughout this process.  Pray for peace for the fears that are inevitable, the strength and endurance it takes to labor and deliver a child, the wisdom of her support and medical team, as well as a calming over the anxiety of whole family who are so ready to meet this little man.

If you've also been following Jon Jon's journey with his surgery, today Momma Bear took him to the first of his post-op follow ups and this was the update: "The wound\ostomy care nurse said everything looks good. She gave us some tips for camp and summer activities. So glad this was an "all clear" visit."  I got to hang out with Jon Jon for a few extra moments on Sunday and it's so wonderful to see him back in high spirits and chipper once again.  I know that it was a long journey to having to have the surgery, but I really think he's doing so much better than he has in several years.

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If you follow my personal Facebook or Twitter accounts, you have seen a flood of posts about #ReturnToZero and #BreakTheSilence.  Return to Zero is a movie about "when a successful couple loses their child on the day he's supposed to be born, they must overcome their grief to save their relationship and start a family together" (quoted from the RTZ Facebook page).  Yes, none of my babies were stillborn so I don't know that grief.  I do know the grief of a chemical pregnancy and miscarriage however.  I was also shocked, and still quite often am, about how many people have experienced thier own losses and we never knew.  I applaud the director and producers of RTZ (which is based on the story of the director and his wife's own loss) for opening up the dialoge about miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss.  We should not have to mourn in silence or alone!   Check out the RTZ Facebook page or the website   It really could change your life.  Also, special thanks to Lifetime for agreeing to air the movie globally when so many studios were not willing to tell this story.  I have an admiration for your network I have never previously known.

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