15 Minutes At A Time

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I am just bursting to write and I've been so consumed lately!  In my continuing endeavor to be wholly "there" wherever and whatever I'm doing, I don't always get a moment to collect my thoughts enough to write.  The other side of that is a re-prioritization of things in my life (say that 3x fast).  How about a quick, what's she up to now?

Home life is never boring here.  After Baby R's burn healed, Grandma stayed a while longer before heading back home.  At least we got to do some fun things together like the museum!

Almost as soon as she got on the plane, one of our dogs ended up tearing the ligament in his knee, requiring surgery. That was fun to save up for!  I mentioned in my last post that #1 son and I were going to start training for a 5k in October in memory of our babies.  We got through nearly two weeks of training before life happened and we had to pause things, but we're about to get back on track. God willing, I'm going to run that 5k in the fall!

What put training on pause?  All three boys ended up sick.  Son #1 got strep first.  While we took him to the doctor, sons #2 and #3 picked up the RSV virus.  Not to be outdone, #2 managed to have RSV and strep at the same time!  There were a lot of antibiotics to be taken, some steroids, copious hours of movie watching around here.  Plus the inordinate amount of extra laundry and cleaning.  How I have wished some days my sweet Momma could teleport back and help me.  :)  God's grace was sufficient and He helped me endure it.  It was during this time I started living 15 minutes at a time.  For these 15 minutes I will _______, then we'll tackle whatever comes next 15 minute at a time.

I have been making the weekly updates for the church blog which means the time I would usually spend posting here, I have been uploading the submissions for Faith | Hope | Love.  Out of the desire to have weekly girlfriend time, a small group of us are now meeting together on Wednesday evenings and working through a bible study called Designing a Woman's Life: Discovering Your Unique Purpose and Passion by Judith Couchman.  Our kids have a chance to play together (because you know mine go with me everywhere) and we can fellowship with each other and work through the tough questions about who God designed us to be! A wonderful lady at our church also felt moved to do a bible study based on the movie War Room - you know I signed up for that!  Our first session was last night and let me tell you, between the hard hitting questions from our Wednesday night study and the hard hitting questions from the War Room study, God and Jodi are going to be getting lots of things answered.

I've also felt led to write about some topics I've been holding back on sharing. Not holding back because I'm afraid of the backlash (which I'm sure may be part of it) but because I'm not 100% sure where I stand on some of these topics myself.  I don't feel like I can come on God Still Speaks and spill my heart without fully knowing where I stand on the matter, but God is telling me that it's not about me, it's about Him.  I agree 100%.  Not sure how I'm going to do it all, but as I said, I am living life 15 minutes at a time.  These 15 minutes were devoted to this blog and saying hello.  The next will be focused on War Room's Day One homework.  The next 15 minutes?  Well, we'll see who needs what when we get there.

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