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When the kids were all sick with strep and RSV, one of the favorite things to do was play with the faces on Snapchat.  Many giggles were had over puppies, crowns, and superheros.  Each day was a new chance to open the app and see what kind of new face, mask, or animation we could find.  The tradition continues in the quiet(er) moments; nothing here is every truly quiet.  This morning I found this mask...
I sure got a laugh out of how I suddenly was glittery and gold.  I had this big crown and epic face!  Totally out of the norm for me, considering I rarely even wear make up.  Then I got to thinking about the woman behind that mask.  This is what was hiding behind it:

Behind the glitz in glam is bad skin and messed up hair.  My glasses are crooked from being knocked off my face too many times.  My face is puffy from having cleaned up seven different messes.  There's nothing to hide my multiple chins.  Are the women in these pictures different?  No, they're all me.  Do they invoke different feelings?  Sure! 

I've been involved in may conversations about the facades we put forward on social media to each other.  Even discussions about how we can become addicted to looking at, and comparing ourselves to, our connections.  The truth is, no one puts a terrible selfie on social media.  Even "bad selfies" are often staged to minimize flaws and accentuate our good side.  We use filters and makeup to hide our blemishes, dark circles, bags, fine lines, gray hairs, etc.

God sees everything behind our mask.  Everything you've buried deep within you.  Things you'd never tell your best friend or even your greatest love.  The things you think you'll take to your grave are still exposed in the Light of Christ.

I mentioned on Facebook that I have been working on the church blog.  I love the opportunity to present to people via the internet. As I was transcribing Preacher's Embrace Grace sermon, this thought continued to echo in my mind for the days that have followed: 

I don't understand the thought of me sitting down with King David in heaven, men like Hudson Taylor (who we've been reading about as a church), Peter, Paul, and James, when I can be such a coward, flawed, when I don't feel like I've done much of anything for Jesus like I should.  That thought BOGGLES the mind until you realize they aren't there because of how good and beautiful they were.  The ONLY way you sit at that table is through Jesus; the blood of [God's] son.  God will pull up a seat for you at that table.  He will cover everything you have ever done. Everything you are struggling with, doubts you have.  Every pain from your past. 
From Pastor Brian Loveless' Sermon "Embrace Grace" on March 27, 2011 at Calvary Baptist Church Grand Prairie, Texas on Friend Day.

With God we are UNMASKED and that's OK because he loves us flaws and all.  Jesus has already offered to stand in our place so we can sit at the table with our Father God.  We need only be willing to accept it.  Are you?

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