Getting The Blood Out

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Two weeks ago, on Sunday morning, we were on our way across the church parking lot when my toddler tripped over his own two feet.  He fell so fast, he didn't have time to even stick his arms out and face planted onto the concrete.  To my horror, the screams of agony were accompanied by a whole lot of blood.  Summoning my Mommy super powers I simultaneously leaned him forward, unzipped his diaper bag to grab a (target brand) diaper, and told our oldest to run and get help (our church has a security team at each door and the door for Kid City was only a few hundred feet away).  I guess a few of our wonderful church family heard me tell T to go get help and came to see what was going on.  After all, it's not every Sunday that a kid is screaming bloody murder in the parking lot.  As one lady helped me get J laid back and apply pressure to his lip, other friends came and called 911 and my husband (who was home sleeping off a long shift at work).  The amount of blood was alarming and we knew he needed to get checked out by people with more than just a first aid card.  I was thankful for everyone that came to our aid, whether they brought wet paper towels, loaned us clothing for J, or just stood by to block the sun off of us.  Thankfully, the fire station is ACROSS THE STREET so paramedics arrived shortly after and assessed J's injury.  He was stable and the bleeding slowed significantly so they allowed us to waive the ambulance ride.  Long story short - he got two stitches to close the gash in his lip and a CT scan to confirm he didn't break any of the bones in his face (which he didn't).

Of course, we had stripped the bloody shoes/clothing off and left them in the car.  By the time we left the hospital and got home, they had spent several hours baking in the car from Texas heat.  The fun part is getting the blood out, right?  I have had to get blood out of the strangest of things (including concrete).  I have a tried and true method that works every single time on nearly everything.  This is how I get the blood out:

Pre-Treat w/ the Secret Weapon

Saturate the blood in Formula 409 All-Purpose Spray.  And when I say saturate, I mean S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E!  Soaking through to the other side saturated!  Especially if the blood is dried you need those fibers soaked.  Formula 409 soaks into the fibers and begins releasing the blood from the threads.  Let that sit for about 15 minutes so the 409 can release all the blood.

Run the Washing Machine... Sorta

When I have items with this much blood in them, I wash the items all by themselves.  I add my homemade detergent (Borax, washing soda, and original Dawn dish soap) along with two scoops of Oxyclean powder.  The OxyClean helps clean the rest of the blood out of the clothing.  I run that load ON COLD for 15 minutes, soak for another 15 minutes, and then restart the full cycle.

Last Step

Most of the blood will be gone, but some of the darker areas will still be a bit discolored.  Let the items air dry. Before your put them in with your next load of similar laundry, spritz some more 409 on the persistent stains and let sit for 5-10 minutes.  That's usually all it takes to get the stains out for me.  (I forgot to take a picture at this step, sorry!!)

The Results
All clean!! :)  Even on the white part of his shorts, you can't tell there was ever any blood there!

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