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This week has been quite a roller coaster ride!  Sunday morning we were on our way into church when my toddler tripped over his own two feet and face planted in the parking lot.  He didn't have time to put his hands out to stop himself so he busted open the inside of his lip badly enough that we called the paramedics.  After checking him out they let us know that he would certainly need stitches and was stable enough for us to transport to the hospital if we wanted to.  In the end, J got two stitches to close his lip and a CT scan which confirmed he didn't break any of the bones in his face - thank God!!  We just needed to follow up with his primary care doctor in one week to follow up on his healing process.

On Thursday, J woke up feeling warm.  I got concerned about infection so I took his temperature, which was normal.  About an hour later he was playing hard when he threw up a little bit.  I didn't think much of it because he was playing hard on an empty stomach.  He'd been avoiding drinking anything because the stitches were bothering him.  By nap time though, he still felt warm so I checked his temperature again and we were in fever range.  I gave him a dose of medicine and put him down for a nap.  I also called his doctor's office to let them know; they told me if he continues to have a fever/vomiting to call first thing in the morning Friday and they would get him in.  Sure enough, the rest of that day his fever was increasing despite using fever reducers but he only seemed to vomit once in the mornings.  I called first thing Friday morning to get him seen.  

After checking him out on Friday, the doctor told us his lip was actually doing very well, no infection.  J did have a swollen lymph node though so he wanted to run a rapid strep test.  They also wanted to pull the stitches out since the inside of your lip heals so quickly, especially in kids.  We got the stitches out (talk about traumatic for all of us) and the strep test came back negative.  I love our doctor though, he knew J's body was putting off all the signs of an infection so he treated it anyway.  We came home with azithromycin and amoxicillin to treat whatever was going on.

As the weekend has unfolded the fever has been up and down, anywhere between normal and 103.  This morning though his fever was only 100 so I decided to let his fever work in tandem with the antibiotics to fight off the infection once and for all.  I'm missing church for the second week in a row, but at least my oldest was able to go.  He was invited to spend the night with friends and I was happy to get him get away from his whiny little brother for a while.  

I know we're on the med; I just have to give J's body and medicine time to do the job.  Naturally, he's not feeling well so there is a whole lot more whining and fit-throwing than we usually tolerate around here.  Everyone in this family gets extended far more grace when we aren't feeling well.  Say a few extra prayers for J's recovery if you have a moment. 

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