Power of Prayer

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I'd been praying about what God would have me write about next.  Then it hit me - PRAYER!  I think for many Christians, it's an obligatory "Our Father, who are in Heaven....." , "God is Great, God is Good, now we thank Him for our food...." , "...give us this day our daily bread".  All of those prayers are fine, except sometimes I think they are lines we've learned to say and we don't really think about them.  Like the Pledge of Allegiance - do we really consider what we're saying, or just say it because we know we're supposed to??

Before I became a Christian, I prayed.  I grew up in a household where my Mother prayed often and openly.  At times, she even prayed "God, please keep me from beating this child...."  I find myself at times praying that too, lol.

Prayer is simple - it's a CONVERSATION with God.  Yes, prayer is a two-way street my friends.  You don't just show up, ramble off your list of "God please do this, heal that, bless things, and thanks for stuff".  When you lift something up to God in prayer, God is going to respond.  This is why this blog is called GOD STILL SPEAKS!  He speaks, leads, guides, and listens.  True Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ, Son of God.  Name one relationship that's going well for you where you show up, bark orders, and then leave before the person can respond.  Betcha can't.  Even my dogs need more than just us giving them commands all the time.  Thankfully, God knows we're seriously messed up and He's so forgiving of all that, and patient with our ridiculousness.

I believe in prayer because I've seen in it work over and over again.  When people gather in prayer over something, the Holy Spirit moves mountains.  I have been a prayer warrior for so many these last few years.  My top few opportunities to be a prayer warrior were for a foster baby who was undergoing serious heart defects, surgeries, and complications.  Prayer warriors rallied around that little one and guess what?  He's healthy and so strong - and with a forever family!!! :)  I also have been proud to pray for my friends who's first-born daughter had anencephaly - a terminal condition where the brain does not form in the womb.  I still pray for that Momma and Daddy daily as they continue the long journey of healing after Adelynn was called home.  Even though they new what the prognosis meant, they never doubted God had a plan and embrace the calling.  We prayed for a healthy pregnancy and for Adelynn to be born alive (many anencephaly babies don't).  Momma was healthy the whole time and Adelynn took four breaths on this Earth before returning to Heaven.

I couldn't even begin to list all the ways prayer has worked in my own life or within my family.  Just know that when you pray, listen for the response, and be ready to embrace it even when it's not what you were hoping for.  

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Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests to made known to God. — Philippians 4:6