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As opportunities arise, I'll try and capture some of my food creations and DIY projects - as best I can.  I am not a professional photographer so the best I can do is potentially blurry images taken by my semi-trusty camera phone.  Hopefully that will do!  However, I will accept donations of higher quality cameras if you wanted to send one my way... just throwing that out there.

Shish Kabob Night

If you have no idea what these are A) you haven't lived and B) they are bits of food on a stick. Yes, that's really it.  Most people are used to seeing cubed beef with onions and peppers, but you can also do things like fruit.  It's as creative as you want to be.  Our small group was meeting for the last time this semester and we chose this as our theme.  Each of us brought items to stab onto the skewers.  I cannot take credit for everything pictured below.  Rachel B. provided all our utensils and grilled chicken (I don't know how she does it- but it's always so flavorful and moist!).   Krystal R. provided strawberry cake, brownie cubes, chunks of fruit, and a huge tub of Cool Whip for dipping.  I tried to document the whole thing before we chowed down, but it was hard!

Hawaiian Ham

I hadn't gone to the store specifically for kabob items so I got creative.  I knew I had stuff on hand for a hawaiian ham in the crock pot and my friend Krystal LOVES ham and pineapple.  I threw the pre-packaged store-brand ham, canned crushed pineapple, and Splenda brand brown sugar into the crock pot and let it cook for about four hours.  I made sure to taunt Krystal with pictures of it throughout the day.  Before leaving for our small group, I cut off about 2/3 of the ham and hacked it into cubes.  I placed the cubes back into the crock pot to soak up the glaze and stay warm during transport.  I also had some pineapple chunks that I carried separately to put on the skewers.

Beef & Vegetables

I am not a huge fan of ham so I zipped down to my local grocery store and got myself a package of cubed beef (for stew) and some fajita vegetables.  These were easy to do at the last minute because I had 99% of what I needed on hand.  I tossed the beef cubes in McCormick Grillmates Applewood Rub and Fiesta brand fajita seasoning.  Time was of the essence so I placed everything inside of aluminum foil and poured over some prepared store-brand beef bullion to keep everything moist during cooking.  I approached the fajita vegetables similarly.  I sprinkled them with the fajita seasoning and a splash of beef bullion before roasting them in a glass baking dish until they were tender but crisp.  Once they were done, I also folded the vegetables into some aluminum foil to keep them warm for transport.  

And yes.... we said grace.  

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