Galatians 3, Greek Marinated Chicken & Magic Marker

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Ha ha ha.... this title is as random as I am today!  Our oldest had to be at school at 6:00 am so they could go on a field trip to some of the local caverns and what not.  Since hubby was up early to drop our explorer off, he let me sleep in!  WOO HOOO!!!  I rolled out of bed well rested but not really feeling all that motivated.  I spent some time Skyping with my friend who's six week old son will start visiting us three times a week while she's working.  Our toddler was NOT impressed with the fact that my friend was not Grandma, so then we Skyped with Grandma.


Nap time gave me a chance to read Galatians 3 and all I needed was one chapter!  Sometimes when God speaks to you, he doesn't need multiple chapters to do it in.  I have been dealing with a lot of fear, anxiety, and concern over a developing situation.  My prayer warriors have been taking these prayer needs daily to the throne. At times, I'll be in the throes of attack from the devil and a peace will wash over me.  In those moments, I realize a prayer warrior has just called on God on my behalf and God has responded.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for them.  Not just in prayer, but they are encouragers too. When I don't know how to go on, one of them will say just what I need to hear, and they don't even know it.  Abraham's life has resonated with me a lot recently so I was immediately drawn to the verses as Paul used him to help the church understand.  One verse hit me so much I not only colored it, but I wrote it on my dry erase board.

Now each day I have a bold reminder that I will not live with fear and anxiety because I believe in a God who's made good on his promises time and time again.  He will make good on his promises to me too.

Greek Marinated Chicken

I decided chicken sounded good today.  Using another Pinterest special, I threw together a batch of Greek Marinated Chicken.  This is a flavorful, moist chicken recipe that doesn't require much prep - you know I love that!  I didn't think to take my own prep pictures, but the original blogger did!  :)  I didn't change much other than omitting the lemon/zest becuase I forgot to buy them.  Still turned out great!!  In the future, I might use a shade less oregano since it overpowered the other flavors BUT not in a bad way.  I served it with some leftover potatoes and vegetables - perfect!!  I made a double batch so I can use the pre-cooked chicken later this week in another recipe.  The only down side - my hot pad slipped and I burned the tip of my middle finger.... OUCH!!

Magic Marker

Know what I learned today? Don't do laundry!!  I was out of the room long enough to load my washing machine and I found this work of art from my toddler...

 He found the fat magic marker I keep in the kitchen.  *sigh*  So Mini Picasso started a masterpiece.  I managed to get the marks off the linoleum using a plastic bristle scrub brush and Soft Scrub with bleach.  I just moistened the area with a spray bottle of plain water I keep on hand.  Just wiped it up and dried it with a bath towel when I was done.   You'd never know it was there.  I tried soft scrub, 409, and rubbing alcohol on my painted wood cabinet door to no avial.  I finally tried nail polish remover, unfortunately it stripped some of the paint off along with some (not all) of the magic marker.  Too much scrubbing for this girl for one day so tomorrow we'll try something else.  I think I might have another magic eraser hidden somewhere I can try.  

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