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This morning I am humbled at the number of prayerful friends who have taken on my current prayer need.  I hope that each of you reading this has your own group of prayerful friends.  Those people who will take your needs straight to the throne of God on your behalf.  I hope my prayer warriors see this and know how much it means to me.  I love you all immensely!  The wonderful thing about prayer is you don't always need to know what you are praying about, only that there is a need.  For example, when I was laboring with my 2nd son, he started having a crisis, I asked my husband to simply post a request for urgent prayer on my Facebook account.  It was not only amazing to see the response from my friends (who I knew were stalking me for baby news) but to also see prayer work!  My son recovered from the crisis and we had the peace and wisdom to make the necessary decisions to ensure he was delivered safely.  This is him today, my living example of a prayerful intervention:

Galatians 1-2

What I love about Galatians is that Paul spends time setting everyone straight on what is right (the gospel that Jesus taught) and what is wrong (our man-made traditions we've tacked onto it that Jesus never taught).  I think every Christian needs to review Galatians regularly in order to maintain a honest perspective on what Jesus taught!  Of course, if you are reading your Bible regularly it should be much easier to give ideas on the gospel a litmus test for accuracy.  When we don't read our Bible, that's when the evil one can manipulate our understanding.  Don't forget - that sneaky turkey knows every word of God's truth better than any human being.  Why?  He lived with God in heaven before he got too big for his own britches; but I digress....

The first part of Galatians is Paul explaining why he has the authority to say what he says.  You, like me, may have a tendency to skip past this because we already know that Paul was one smart dude and knew what he was talking about.  However, consider it in context.  Paul was an extremely religious Jew. He upheld all the laws, better than many of the Jewish leaders.  If righteousness with God was achieved through keeping the law - Paul was THE GUY.  What Paul is saying is if he, THE GUY, was wrong and wasn't made right with God without Jesus, then everyone else is really in trouble.  Food for thought....

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