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Have you ever been on a roller coaster?  If not, watch the little clip below (no, it won't scare you, promise).

As you near the top of a roller coaster, just before you tip forward far enough to see the fall ahead of you, there is a clicking sound.  You pretty much know what's coming and your exhilaration is a combination of excitement and anxiety.  All you see is sky a head of you and the sound Click! Click! Click! Click!

There are times when your life encounters dramatic changes that are a lot like a roller coaster ascending.  You've been strapped into your seat and you are climbing that big hill.  You have only an idea of what's coming and the impending thrill is exciting and terrifying.  In those moments you can almost hear that same sound: Click! Click! Click! Click!

If you know anything about engineering, that clicking sound is actually a ratchet.  It prevents your roller coaster car from rolling backwards if something were to happen. I have found that God's will in our lives is quite similar.  When you are building up to something big, He ensures that you don't roll backwards.

The decision for hubs to return to school was a Click! Click! Click! Click! moment for us.  We knew we were committed to going over that hill and we were strapped in.  It took a few months of prayerful research to find something that would suit our unique situation.  After I don't know how many campus tours and discussions with student representatives, hubby selected the school he wanted to attend.  It was a thrilling moment for us.  We had about six weeks to prepare before he started his classes.

Through the school, hubby could look for work that would help him gain experience in his field of study.  Although hubby had a steady job, he was ready for a change.  Those first few weeks before class involved diligently applying for positions and hoping one would come through.  There were a lot of unknowns (like pay rates and insurance coverage) but I was prepared to pick up more hours at one of my two jobs if necessary.  I was going to support my man 197% on this thing.

And nothing happened.  No call backs - no field of study job offers - nothing.  Click! Click! Click! Click!

Then he got a call back and an interview. Click! Click! Click! Click!

Then came the job offer Click! Click! Click! Click!

Hubby put in his resignation at work, which they accepted immediately to our surprise.  Click! Click! Click! Click!

He was going to get a few days off before he started his new job - and our little roller coaster would go over the hill......

At least that's what we thought.....

Click! Click! Click! Click!

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