Fakes Left & Runs Right

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Dear Husband (DH) had accepted a position with a telecommunications firm at the networking center of operations.  His previous employer had accepted his resignation early and hubs was enjoying a few well deserved days at home before his first days of work and school started within a week of each other.  We were revelling in God's abounding grace and I was telling anyone and everyone who would listen! 

On Thursday afternoon, DH met me at my office to take me to lunch and told me about a phone call he got that day. Apparently, he applied at a large bank in their operations center at one time as an associate but they wanted to set up an interview as a manager because of his military background. I was floored!  Since his week was only free one more day, DH set up the interview first thing that next morning and he was incredibly excited when it went really well.  We knew this opportunity would mean more money for the family and better benefits.  Even if they didn't offer him a job, he still had the telecommunications gig lined up.

On Monday DH started training at his telecommunications job.  Although DH tried to hide that he was a little dissapointed, I could see it all over his face.  This wasn't what he had thought it was going to be at all.  He pressed on, believing (as I did) that we were exactly where God meant for us to be.  By Wednesday he was frustrated, tired, and disallusioned.  Then the call came - the bank wanted to make DH a tenative offer of emloyment, he only needed to pass a background check.  I remember getting the text message as I was picking the kids up from daycare.  At first I was so stunned things didn't register. 

I was thinking God, what in the world!?  All these years, all the jobs DH has been applying for and now he's got job offers all over the place.  God... you're a funny, funny guy!  DH and I both laughed at our sudden change of situation and praised God heartily for His faithfulness.  We agreed that DH should keep going to the telecommunications gig until the bank sent a formal, written offer of employment which we reiceved about a week later.  The bank wanted DH  to start that next Monday so he was only able to give the telecommunications gig  a day of notice.  To our astonishment, they told DH how impressed they were with him, and if things didn't work out at the bank they would be happy to have him return to work for them.  #JawOnFloor  Yep, OK.  That was 100% God.

We spent the weekend trying to imagine what on earth God had planned for us next.  We figured up next would be a job offer from the company I had been placed with through the temp agency.  We also realized that the new job schedule would me I could no longer work two jobs.  I was afraid to quit work at the restaraunt because I was still only a temporary employee at my day job.  I talked with my managers and went on something called "pick up only".  That's where they don't put you on the schedule, but you are still considered an employee.  I was thankful for the flexiblity and happy that I had a job in the wings I could return to almost immeditaely if necessary.

Meanwhile,  DH and I sat up at night chatting away about how our family would change, and how excited we were.  The weeks passed, DH got into/out of training.  Balancing school and work is rough anytime, but his job has a particulalry challenging schedule and can be physically demanding at times when you are already fatigued.  I did all I could to accomodate DH's needs whenever possible; sometimes even just keeping the kids out of the house for a while at the end of my work day so DH could have a nap.  We quickly became regulars at a local fast food joint with a play area.  :)

The adjustment was hard, and I don't know about DH, but I was anxious to find out what was in store for me.  I prayed a lot about my job situation.  I wanted the company I was placed at to hire me very much, but I also knew that I wanted to be a manager at my former job very much and in the end that ended up not being what I thought it was going to be.  I felt that still, small voice - Trust Me. 

I'm trying God, I do trust you. I'm trying not to beg you for this job...
Trust Me.
I do, I know you have this all planned out for us, I know there is a plan...
Trust Me.
I want to...
I will handle this, if you trust Me.
I will.
Good, now watch this.....

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