Advent Celebration & Week One: Hope

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All items in blue are from Carrie Pratt's Mentor Mom's materials and are used here with permission.

Advent Celebration

Advent is celebrated or observed a little differently across denominations.  Some folks choose to light an advent candle each week.  Others simply use each day to focus on who Jesus is and why His birth is important.  No matter how you participate in Advent, please know I am elated that you are doing it!

I remember lighting advent candles with my family when I was a child and discussing the importance of each. That isn't a tradition I've done with my children (fire + my boys = disaster) but I do like to do special things leading up to Christmas to keep the focus on Jesus.  Especially when the allure of a gift dropping fat man in a red suit is strong!

Here is the breakdown on what to expect from our Advent journey...

Scripture Reading
You will have a choice between two reading plans - Weekly or Daily.  Weekly - There will be five posts (one for each candle). This will be one longer reading per week. Daily - These readings are generally shorter in length than the weekly readings.  I have been using both plans with success so far!  I try to sneak it in around a meal time or quiet time when we're hanging out.  They don't know its coming so they can't avoid it.  Flexibility is my friend.

Advent Candles
If you are participating, you will light a candle each Sunday with your family sharing in the great anticipation of Christmas Day, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Each week you will light one additional candle leading up to four candles on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. A fifth candle is usually lit on Christmas Eve.

Fun Christmas Activities
There will also be activities you can share with your children to bring special meaning to the holiday. 

Excited yet?  I'm having a ball with this!!  Leave feedback and let myself and Carrie know what you think as we go along!

Advent Week One - Hope

Light the 1st Candle

Family Scripture Reading: 
Luke 1:26-38

Family Discussion Suggestion:
Explain what Advent is all about. Share that it is a traditional celebration leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ. Let them know that many prophets in the Old Testament told the people that one day a Messiah would be born. In fact, there are hundreds of messages about Jesus even before He came to earth! We can feel confident that Jesus is the Messiah and that He is the Son of God. Most importantly, we can place our HOPE in HIM!

My #2 son said that the angel with his eyes open during the prayer was cheating.

You can check out my running list of Mentor Moms Advent Links throughout the Christmas season if you missed one or are joining us late.  

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