Advent 12/1

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All items in blue are from Carrie Pratt's Mentor Mom's materials and are used here with permission.

Kicking off the Mentor Moms Advent Celebration (yes, I'm posting a little late but I don't anyone to miss a moment).  It's easy to just slip these quick readings into a conversation or even a "Hey, did you know..." moment.

Family Scripture Reading: 

John 1:1-4
"In the beginning was the Word . . ."   Yeshua means 'Salvation' in Hebrew - Jesus Christ our Savior

Advent Activity:

A wonderful surprise to have for your children! Find 25 books lying about the house and wrap them in Christmas paper or put them in a large Christmas bag with lots of tissue paper. Allow the children to choose one book each day to unwrap and read with the family.

Suggestion: Use as many Bible stories as you can as well as a book about the Nativity. Sprinkle with fun Christmas stories like Rudolf and Frosty!
This little vintage nativity has been in my family as long as I can remember.
I'm so thrilled my folks let me add it to our Christmas decor.

You can check out my running list of Mentor Moms Advent Links throughout the Christmas season if you missed one or are joining us late

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