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Adding another human to the family dynamic sure does shake things up a bit.  I'm easing my way back into my blogging and felt the Christmas Season would be a wonderful time.  Especially since this blog is about how God speaks to us in our lives and we're about the celebrate the birth of His Son!

During the Titus2Women bible study I did, I [virtually] met a lovely woman of faith named Carrie Pratt.  A few weeks ago, I was excited to learn that she has been developing and moderating an online group called Mentor Moms.

Rather than butcher what Mentor Moms is, I'll let Carrie tell you in her own words:
From Mentor Mom Orientation Power Point, Carrie Pratt, © 2015

What does this have to do with Advent?

Carrie is doing a series on Advent that is blowing me away.  It's bible-based, interactive, and just plain fun; not just for children but adults as well! To my delight, Carrie is allowing me to re-publish the Advent information on God Still Speaks (insert excited squeal here).

You can check out my running list of Mentor Moms Advent Links throughout the Christmas season if you missed one or are joining us late.  

Be sure to go to the God Still Speaks Facebook Page and turn on notifications so you don't miss a single moment of Carrie's advent adventures! 

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Since Carrie is so wonderful to allow me to share this information, I'm including ways to connect to her work online directly! (Just don't forget about me, OK?}  

Check out these links below and leave me some feedback in the comments!

T2W Women


T2W Mentor Moms


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