Don't Call It A Comeback

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At times a girl just needs a break to circle the wagons, regroup, and refresh herself, right?  I'm declaring the hiatus officially over!  Let's jump straight into the updates, shall we?

Blog Direction

I had some character flaws called into account during my hiatus.  That's not a pleasant situation for anyone, but I've learned that God allows people into our lives to show us things about ourselves and each other.  I took the hiatus time to think about what those flaws mean for myself and the blog.  For a while, I seriously considered shutting down God Still Speaks and letting the ashes fall where they would.  After a lot of prayer and allowing God to teach me, I felt like He wasn't asking me to give up, but to refocus my efforts.

For many of you, God Still Speaks will probably look and sound the same.  The heart behind it has been changed a little bit more toward a heart for Christ.  Too often I would share my blessings and disappointments without clearly putting God as the force behind them.  I was wrong in doing so.  I hope that a refreshed blogger means a blog that God can use to touch your lives in some way.  I'm happy to simply plant a seed or help sprout one already planted.  God knows how best to use me and I will HUMBLE myself to be a tool within His hands.

Baby Update

In September, I had my anatomy ultrasound with my doctor.  She couldn't see everything she needed to because Cranberry's face was directly under my belly button, so at my next appointment we'll repeat a few portions of it.  During the ultrasound, our doctor also determined that Cranberry is healthy, growing right on track, and.....

That's right!  We're welcoming boy #3 into our family in January.  We could not be happier and are PRAISING God for the gift He has given us in another child.  Are we disappointed we aren't having a girl?  Not at all.  I've always felt most comfortable as a Mom to boys.  The way I see it, by the GRACE of God alone I'll raise good men, who God-willing will marry good women, who l'll be honored to call daughter.  No they won't be my flesh and blood; even better they will be life-long companions to my sons!  

As far as a name, we haven't been able to settle on anything yet.  For now we continue to call the baby Cranberry, or little brother to help our toddler understand, while we search PRAYERFULLY for the name God would have us give him.

Our family appreciates the ongoing prayers on behalf of our growing baby boy.  I believe that prayer has been a big part of what has sustained this pregnancy!!  We SERVE a big God and he's good all the time (even in the bad times).  

Hubby's Job & School Stuff

God has determined that, for the last little while, Dear Husband (DH) is best used in the job he currently has.  I am BEYOND thankful to our Great Big God that He provides a continuing source of income for our family through DH's work.  I pray often for DH's well-being because frankly his non-traditional work schedule coupled with eletrical engineering school means he is not able to get the sleep his body needs or provide for his own needs the way God intends.  I'm PRAISING God for continuing to sustain DH through this season of our life.

I pray that God will place DH in the right job, at the right time, for all the right reasons and I continue to rely on God's will in this rather than our own.  There have been a few opportunities for change that God has closed the door on and we are THANKFUL that we didn't find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Another opportunity has presented itself recently that seems promising, but we are relying on God's will for this opportunity alone.  If this is the right one, we will PRAISE Him, and if it's not the right one we'll WAIT ON HIM! 

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! I have been lifting Will {and the rest of you} up in my prayers each night, praying this job is the right fit, and if it's not, that the right fit will be found. I love you all!


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