September #lampandlight Day 2

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My husband and his friend have been working on moving furniture around the house all day.  Of course, I couldn't do anything to help move the furniture, but I did swoop in behind them to dust and run the vacuum.  It actually feels like we're getting ready for the baby now!  That's exciting all by itself.  Having more room in the house is a nice bonus too!  We monopolized on having help so I'm just now getting around to my #lampandlight reading.  Thankfully, the point is simply to read your bible each day - not the same time each day!  I don't think I could ever pull that off!

This evening I read Proverbs 13.  I'm not sure if it was just because mentally I'm exhausted, but I felt like it jumped around a bit. However, if you pay attention, many of the subjects in Proverbs are ones that we all struggle with on a regular basis: money, wisdom, raising children, dealing with dishonest people, etc.  The human condition is still very similar to the way it was thousands of years ago.  The technology has changed, cultures and laws have changed, but who people are at heart has not evolved.

God knew we were going to struggle - and likely with different things during different seasons in our life.  Two years ago, money was our family's #1 struggle.  Now, raising my children is probably my #2 struggle.  I'm thankful for a book like Proverbs to give me the wisdom, and reminders, I need to continue to seek after Christ!

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