#lampandlight Day 9

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Ooooh, the Devil almost got me today!  Here it is, almost 10 a.m., and I haven't even opened my bible yet.  I got up and realized my youngest desperately needed a bath, then getting him dressed but I can't find clothes, but there are so many clothes I can't find anything!  I guess I better sort out the winter stuff.  Oh wait, this 24 month stuff can come out of here too but we'll keep the 2T.  Where am I going to put all this?  I can grab that plastic tub the boys aren't using for toys right now, that'll work.  *sorting, folding, sorting, folding*  I should give these clothes he can't wear to my friend, I wonder what size her baby is wearing now? *gets on facebook to message friend, can't find her* Oh wait, maybe she deleted her facebook account *messages mutual friend to ask*  Well that's dumb, I could just text her.  My little won't give up the cell phone he's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on long enough for me to text her - mental note, must text her ASAP!

This is how it happens.  The devil distracts us with things that aren't all that important so that we don't get into God's word.  Last night, I began wrestling with something that I feel like God is leading me toward. I'm not 100% sure what to do yet, so I'm reading the word and I'll be seeking out Godly council.  That means I read my bible yesterday morning (for Day 8) and again last night.  No wonder Satan is after me to "forget" to get in the word today.  It's not going down like that you pain in my big toe!  As my Grandma M. used to say "Get thee behind me Satan and don't push!"

Day 9 | Isaiah 25-27

What is your Leviathan?  Job 41 goes into a whole lot more detail about Leviathan, but Isaiah 27 mentioned him this morning.  It's been a long time since I've seen/read/heard something that mentions that big old creature!  Doctrine aside regarding who/what Leviathan may really be, I believe that the concept of a Leviathan transcends both time and theological discussion.  We all have a "giant beast" in our lives, don't we?   Something or someone who paralyzes us with fear and causes great anguish is your Leviathan.  As my place in the world changes, so has my Leviathan.

What we need to be clear on is that you cannot overcome your Leviathan alone.  The bible even says that only the Lord can defeat this massive obstacle! There is something you are battling on your own, probably quite valiantly even, but you are doomed to fail without the Lord fighting for you.  You maybe have an entire army, but you need a David with a slingshot. Whatever battle, whatever Leviathan you face today, remember to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) and hand the battle over to the one who cannot be defeated!

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