#lampandlight Day 4 & 5

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As I mentioned on the Facebook page, by the time I got to the point where I was thinking about the scripture challenge, I only had 44 minutes left of Day 4!  I read Isaiah 10-12 last night (with 20 minutes left to spare - woo hoo!) and will do a combo post with Day 5's reading of Isaiah 13-15 today.

Weekends are challenging because you have a different schedule.  Maybe you stayed up late the night before because you didn't have to be at work the next morning.  Possibly a weekend full of family outings or errands to get accomplished.  For me, my weekend wasn't packed with events but I had plenty on my to-do list.  Either way, before I knew it my Sunday was *POOF* gone!  Nevertheless, I made my commitment to be in the scripture every day this month and I stuck to it.

There is not only a feeling of accomplishment but even greater is knowing that I am already seeing the wonderful things that happen when you mediate in God's word daily.  I feel stronger in the scriptures - equipped to deal with my day.  I also have found myself better able to encourage and comfort the people in my path who are needing to hear something from God.  All because I've been taking the time to sit down with God each day - be it morning, midday, or in the 11th hour! Scripture will change your life - if you let it.

It's also pretty handy when your Bible flops open to the book your currently reading.  I think I may need to head to the bookstore sooner than expected! The spine of my bible is not fairing so well. o.O

Day 4 & 5 | Isaiah 10-15

One of the things that stuck out to me in Ch. 10 is just how prideful the Emperor of Assyria is!  This strikes a cord with me because I know I am a prideful person - in fact, that quality has been my downfall more than once!  It also reminds me that God will use a prideful person despite themselves - like he did with the emperor.  Verse 15 really makes you think - who do I really think is in control here??  But the Lord says, "Can an ax claim to be greater than the one who uses it?  Is a saw more important the the one who saws with it?  A club doesn't lift up a person; a person lifts up a club."  Perspective - are we the tool or the craftsman?

I love how Ch. 11 and 12 compliment each other.  Ch. 11 is all about what is to come, how the cruel, unjust leaders will be replaced.  I believe this is another shadow of the coming of Jesus. Afterall, there has been no better leader before or since him on Earth!  Then you get to Ch. 12 which is a hymn of praise.  I love this hymn because I have found it to be true in my own life time and time again. Through my Savior I do find my power and strength.  I do feel the need to tell the nations all that he has done for me!  He has been my comfort and joy, quenching the thirst I've felt deep in my soul.  God really is good all the time!

Ch. 13-15 can be hard to read - especially if you can see yourself in the descriptions of Babylon and Moab!  Scary stuff knowing God was so angry and he would absolutely punish his people for being so destructive and turning their backs on him!  I'm so very thankful to have a Savior who has already taken that punishment on my behalf.  I cannot repay him, but I have given him my life in thanksgiving.  I have asked him to come and rule justly in my heart over my life here on earth until he finally calls me home to Glory!

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