#lampandlight Day 22

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I had originally made a goal of getting out every day during summer break and I tried it out this week.  By the time I dragged my sore, exhausted body into bed last night I knew had to modify that plan quick!  Today I have no energy or motivation to do anything that doesn't require minimal energy expenditure! Before you start picturing me sitting in a chair covered in cheese puff dust I still have my big kid's rocket to finish for scouts tonight (he did most of it), a busy into-everything toddler to chase, and gobs of housework to be done...  I'm just doing it all much slower than usual.

Speaking of my kids - y'all pray for me.  I've been having a very hard time keeping my temper in check the last couple of weeks.  I'm sure it has a lot do to do with my due date coming up but my patience and self-control have flown the coop.  It's going to take a whole lot of divine intervention to get us all back to a good place.  I'm struggling and I'm finally willing to admit it, even though several of my friends already knew, thankfully they have found ways of delicately calling my bluff.

On the topic of DH's job lead, the only news today is that his salary request has passed the first "test" and is being submitted to whoever that kind of stuff is submitted to.  Granted, he didn't ask for six figures or anything but he wants to avoid being a dual income household again.  We were prayerful over what to ask for and I believe that it was reasonable and maybe even lower than what he could have requested.  We only asked for what we needed and I feel good about that.

Isaiah 64-66

This is the end of Isaiah y'all!  It seems so strange.  I hope you've been reading along with me as we go.  When we talk about God the Father, we so often portray him as a figure who's anger can be provoked but then vanishes quickly.  Sometimes we forget that when we continue to turn our backs on him and worship and devote ourselves to other things it stirs his wrath.  It reminds me of my fire pit in the backyard.  Even though the flames may have died down and ash covers everything, it doesn't mean that the fire isn't still hot.  Blow gently and all that fragile ash will blow away revealing the red hot embers beneath. Add another bit of wood and the flames will roar to life once again until you extinguish it or the fuel runs out.  How similar is that for our Father in Heaven?  The wrath for our sinful nature is there, held back by fragile ashes placed by his love.  If we fuel that fire, we'll feel the heat.  Or we can repent and accept Jesus as our Savior and he will extinguish the fire once and for all.  I'm thankful for Jesus because I have no desire to burn!

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