#lampandlight Day 15 & Confession

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I couldn't bring myself to blog yesterday.  I spent a lot of time talking with God and trying to figure out what the Biblical response to a particular situation was.  I haven't felt burdened like that in a very long time.  Thankfully, God always responds when you go looking for him and I found the words I needed to say to myself and to others.

I was able to end the day by watching my friend's precious 2 1/2 week old son for the night and it totally made up for the anguish of my morning.  Admittedly, sleeping on our couch (because our bedroom was far too cold for a baby) may not have been the epitome of luxury sleeping, it was great to have the opportunity to love on that little guy so his Momma could rest and heal.  I'd secretly like her to throw her back out more often - how terrible is that!?

Today, we're back to normal with the littles destroying the house (and attempting to destroy each other in the process).  I have my giant mug-o-coffee and am sitting down to do my reading for today.  I have been looking forward to these chapters since the beginning of the #lampandlight scripture challenge!   More than once, I have found verses that soothed and ache in my heart nothing of this world would satisfy.  I'm eager to be able to revisit them from a place of joy and peace rather than storms and brokenness.  

Day 15| Isaiah 43-45

I encourage you to read these chapters today.  There is so much to be gleaned from them that I fear I simply won't do them justice.  

..... And it doesn't help that the littles are on a rampage.  Intervention time, wish me luck!!

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