Finding Normal

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When everything gets turned upside down for some reason, everyone just wants to find new normal.  We want to find that place where we feel like we have some kind of control, we know what to expect, we know what's coming so we know how to react, what to think, and how to feel.  As it always does, normal eventually comes but sometimes, just as you find your new normal, there's an upheaval all over again.

Today I saw a sliver of normal.  My husband came home from a very long day of school just before my eldest son got home from school.  Our toddler had just gotten up from his nap and for the first time in weeks the four of us in were in the same room and there was no yelling, crying, or anger; just peace in the midst the noise and chaos.  It was a healing moment and quite frankly I was starting to wonder if I'd ever see a moment like that again!

My husband felt it too, I don't think he was painfully aware of it like I was, but this man who I love says to our son, "let's play a game!"  They fired up the Xbox and grabbed controllers.  Of course our toddler loves to "play" too so we have a special old Hulk controller just for him.  As I'm writing this, my three boys are all sitting in my living room playing video games - TOGETHER.  Daddy and his big kid are discussing strategy as our toddler yells "Go! Go! Go! Go! Guy! Guy! Guy!"  or "Uh-ooooh, Uh-ooooh!" every time the game pauses or saves with a sweet little "Thank you" when it comes back.  :)  I love this age where they are starting to really put meaningful little words together.  

Today my shattered heart is a little less broken.  A piece or two has been masterfully glued back in place....

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying this moment for as long as I can because outside our little living room of happiness my dearest friend is having knee surgery (again).  Our former daycare lady is flying to Arkansas so her 16 year old son can have brain surgery for a devastating tumor.  Another friend and her two little ones are saying "see you later" to her husband as he leaves for boot camp (something we did once, that I remember all too vividly).  

For all the negative my friends have endured, they sure have triumphed as well.  Remember my friend who's sweet baby girl Adelynn had anencephaly?  Well Adelynn is now an angel sister because her Mommy is having another baby and tests today confirmed, no anencephaly!  Adelynn's little brother or sister is forming text book perfect.  So even though a great big God will bring us through trials and storms, He will also bring us amazing blessings and gifts.  

James 1:2-3 - Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

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  1. And my friend who had knee surgery... they found the issue and repaired it!! Tomorrow I am praying heartily that I'll also be able to post that a particular young man's surgery was also successful!


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