Glory Story: The Server Book

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Let's lighten things up a bit shall we?  That last post was depressing!

Our family was rolling along as well as we could.  We had found our groove and although we were exhausted - we knew we were exactly where God wanted us to be.  I cannot tell you how reassuring that is.  Despite not always knowing how we were going to pay bills or put gas in the car, God always made a way.

One particular week, the funds were low.  I worked hard that Tuesday night and made over $100, that was extremely rare for a weekday in the "off season".  We needed the tips from that night's shift to get us through the week. I had thrown everything in my trunk after my shift and started the 30+ minute drive home.  When I went looking for my stuff, I couldn't find my server book (with ALL my tip money), but I figured "I'm tired, it's dark; I'll grab it in the morning."

I went out to the car first thing in the morning and despite my husband, my Daddy (my folks were visiting) and I all searching the car & trunk - we couldn't find my server book.  I was sobbing, I felt like I had let my whole family down.  I know there was a lot of praying going on that morning.

I started calling the restaurant as soon as I knew people would answer.  I was praying someone had found my server book - but no. The day supervisor said she was going to put stuff in her car and would check the parking lot; I should call back in a little while.  I prayed hard ... God, please let the book be there, please let the book be there!  That's all the money we have to get us through this week.

A few minutes later the day supervisor called: She found my book!!!  It was out there!!  Right where I was parked!!  She said my server book was soaking wet (it had rained hard all night, I was probably lucky it didn't float away).  Despite the soggy book, she could see the money in there.

That book and over $100 of cash money sat out for HOURS in a busy parking lot (my restaurant was by a 24hr gym so there were always people coming/going) and no one touched it!

I drove up at lunch that day to get the cash so we could pay our bills.  I think every co-worker at the restaurant was celebrating with me!!  I had never been happier to have a Heavenly Father looking out for my family!  A coworker heard me telling my story later that afternoon and she said "Now that's a glory story!"

Sure is.  :) 

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  1. Most certainly! That's amazing! I'm so glad nothing happened to it.


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