Advent Week Three: Joy

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All items in blue are from Carrie Pratt's Mentor Mom's materials and are used here with permission.

You know, in all my Christmas stuff, I have yet to find my advent candles.  (Insert disappointed grunt here).  Oh well, thankfully, candles are not the center of the advent season, they are simple a representation for all Jesus accomplished through his birth.

Advent Week Two - Celebration

Candles to light: 
Light 3 candles.  If you have a pink candle, this is the week to light it as one of the three.

Family Scripture Reading: 

Luke 2:8-15

Week three is also known as "The Shepherd's Candle" because the good news was proclaimed first to the shepherds, by Heavenly Angels.


Father God,

May we experience the great joy proclaimed by the angel sent to Earth by You. Help us to overcome anything in our lives that might stand in the way of our joy.

Help us to focus on the greatest blessing we could receive, the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Advent Activity: 

Light Up Angel for Luke 2:8-14

Super simple - super cute!  Allow your child to draw an angel on a paper lunch sack, insert a flashlight, turn off the lights and declare the good news that Jesus was born! He or she can use the lights from your advent candles to read by.

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