Advent 12/12

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All items in blue are from Carrie Pratt's Mentor Mom's materials and are used here with permission.

We've had an exciting all be it gloomy, cloudy Saturday.  I can't say any of us behaved the way we should have.  I'm sure as God has looked down on us, He would see a lot of the work of the flesh.  However, I know some of us are clothed in the righteousness given to us through Christ.  Now when God looks down on our behavior, it's like we're standing under Jesus' umbrella and he only sees the righteousness of His Son and the fruits of the Holy Spirit become evident in our lives.

Family Scripture Reading: 

Galatians 5:16-26

"For the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace . . ."

Family Discussion Suggestion: 

First compare the two lists of behaviors. Ask your child which list he/she thinks God approves of. Discuss how the Holy Spirit will dwell in the body of a believer and enable him or her to cultivate the type of behavior that is good and holy. This is the type of life that God desires and He will receive the glory when His children are obedient and grow the fruit of the Spirit.

Advent Activity: 

Christmas List - Gifts Christ Gives Us

Christmas Card Rewards
This evening have your children either make Christmas cards or fill a few out as rewards for the houses with the best Christmas lights! They can say something like "Thank you for making our Christmas Bright! Love your lights!"

When your family goes looking at lights this year bring the cards along. Then have each child pick out their 1-3 favorite houses and write the address on the Christmas card envelope (you'll probably want to put postage on the envelope as well when you make them). Remember to stop at the post office on your way home and drop them in the mail!

A nice surprise "thank you" reward for those neighbors who spend so much time and effort on making our Christmas merry and bright!

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