September #lampandlight Day 9

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I'm starting to notice a one day on and one day off pattern with my reading.  Tonight I was able to do the devotional for my dear friend's baby shower.  I was so nervous because I'd  never done a devotional before like that, but it went well.  I didn't pass out, vomit, or cry so I'm calling it a win!  :)  She asked me for a copy of it so I guess she liked it too!   I really felt like it was an honor and blessing to have been asked to do that for my friend.  I love that family very much and I'm so excited that they added another sweet little human to the clan.

I eluded to working on the devotional for a couple of weeks.  I had to spend a lot of time in my bible to figure out what it was I felt led to say.  Coincidentally, even though I don't really believe in coincidences, many of my scripture references were from Proverbs.  Why?  Because Proverbs is that part of the bible where the Word is trying to teach us the things we need to know in no uncertain terms.  No parables here, just face value "do this, not that, or else" statements.

I'm thankful for these reminders, because sometimes you just have to slap me in the face with it and tell me do this, not that, or else.  God knew that, he made me after all.

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