September #lampandlight Day 7

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One week down!  :)  Have you been participating in the #lampandlight challenge too?  Are you feeling accomplished?

I didn't make it to church today.  I woke up in a lot of pain (back, legs, hips, etc.) and knew driving was going to be more than I could handle.  Thankfully my oldest boy facilitated a day for me to rest as much as possible and I'm incredibly thankful for it.  I know he has a really hard time having to take on so much responsibility when it comes to his little brother so when he's willing to step up, it means all the more to this Momma's heart.  Now if only our toddler was as willing to be kind and help out around the house!

Proverbs 17

It's hard for me to write on Proverbs because each chapter doesn't necessarily have a theme or a common thread running through it.  I do find it interesting through to flip through the pages I've read and see the things I've highlighted.  I mark the verses that struck a cord with me when I was reading through and my top picks are easily about parenting and relationships.  It makes sense for a stay at home mom right?  Sometimes those verses about relationships strike me because of my former career or even the relationships I've gained and lost over the years.  Sometimes I read through Proverbs and realize it's like God pointing at a specific moment saying "Yeah, that."

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