Aching: Pictures of the Gospel

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When I get an idea for a blog post, I generally begin a draft and write my "idea" down so I can write the full post later.  Let's be honest, when you have a family to manage you don't always get to write when inspiration strikes.  This particular draft has probably been sitting in my drafts for close to a week now.

Friend and fellow blogger Kristin Schmucker recently posted about how her arms will ache for the child she delivered stillborn.  I also ache often for my children in glory that were lost through miscarriage.  Then I thought about something...  is that ache we feel for the children who are "lost" to us is a glimpse of the ache the Father has for the children who are "lost" to Him.

Probably not even close....

Now, if I believed in coincidences, this would certainly be one.  This Sunday, after this draft sat here waiting for me for close to a week, our Preacher did a sermon on John 3:16.  This is very likely the most easily recognized verse in the Bible, but in case you don't know it:

For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. John 3:16  (GNT)

I now know the pain of losing a child.  I cannot imagine for a moment, offering my child as a sacrifice.  God offered his ONLY child as a sacrifice.  Who would you sacrifice your only child to pay the consequences of...  A liar?  Thief?  Cheater?  Alcoholic?  Drug addict?  Murderer?  Rapist?  Child molester?  Even if you knew once they were pardoned, they'll do it over and over again.  I have two Earthly children and given a choice between the life of my innocent child and pardoning one of those guilty people - I'll choose my child EVERY SINGLE TIME and I wouldn't apologize.

But not God...

He longs for us, aches for us, so much that he KILLED his own child to pardon us.  The liars, thieves, cheaters, addicts, murderers, rapists, molesters, and more.  I cannot imagine an ache so deep where I would be moved to do such a thing.  This my friends is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A perfect child, innocent of any wrong, perfectly blameless, was killed by his own father to pardon you for all the wrongs you've done and all the wrongs you will do.

How do you know?

I've experienced it.  I've asked questions and sought answers.  I stopped talking long enough to hear God whisper to me.  He doesn't have anything to prove and has no competition so God won't yell, he won't fight for your attention or affection.  He will let you pursue whatever you want - even if it's the most depraved things imaginable.  He still loved us enough to sacrifice his child in our place.  When you stop fighting it just long enough to feel that gravity of that in your heart you tend to respond.

Are you still fighting?

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