Back Into The Swing

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Ever get back from a vacation and feel like you need a vacation just to get back to normal?  I think that's what this week has been for us.  Our week to recuperate from day camp and catch up on all the things that hadn't been done; like killing the algae that had taken up residence in our back yard pool.  Gross!  I realized today that I while I was focused on catching up on everything else, I got out of the habit of opening my bible every day and reading.  Did I notice a difference?  I certainly did!  I got angry much easier and turned into a tyrant.  Hubby and I were fighting a lot as well.  In fact, I threw together a last minute date night (thank God we have an awesome sitter) just so we could get back on the same page.  It worked wonders and we're getting along much better now, we just needed some alone time to reconnect.  Since it helps me continue to stay in my bible reading, I'm going to go back to blogging daily - it helps me and I have enjoyed reading back on those posts.  Until next time....   all my love!

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