We Survived Day Camp!

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What an exhausting, hot, dirty week of fun at camp!  I wish I had a ton of pictures to share, but I honestly kept my phone in my backpack 90% of the time.  I was working with the little kids so I don't have any snapshots of the "scouty" stuff the rest of the campers did.  Please enjoy the little "faces" on the boys and girls.  Since these aren't my kids, they deserve to have a little bit of privacy.  I'm sure you understand....

Day 1 - Fun on the rope playground.

Day 3 - J kept putting his jello fruit on his sandwich and yelling "Peanut Butter Jelly!"

Day 5 - The last day to play with rubber duckies in the little pool.
The young man in the orange shirt was my Junior Helper; older scouts who assist the leaders and work in all areas of camp.  Most days I had about 7 "MeToo" campers - siblings of campers too young to participate.  The MeToo program makes it possible for parents to bring younger kids to camp so they are free to volunteer themselves.  It was natural for me to work with the 2-4 year old MeToo's since J is only 2.5.  

Each morning we went down to our designated area and usually had a light snack, played hard (parachute games, balls, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc.), and explored areas of the camp like the castle and ships. About an hour before the rest of camp arrived to eat, we would eat our own lunch so we could be in our pool while the cub scouts invaded our "secret hideaway".  My group of kids were too small to swim in the Olympic-size pool at camp so the director got us our own little pool to use.  It was perfect!! By the end of the afternoon the little kids were exhausted so we'd watch a movie and play quietly until it was time to go back to the gathering area for the flag ceremony.  

My cub scout got 2nd place for his patrol on the archery range during camp and called cadence for his group during the family picnic at the end of camp - I was so proud!  I'm looking forward to a lot of fun next year as well!  

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