Truth about Marriage

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She's forgotten about the blog....  nope, not exactly; but I'd be lying if I said it crosses my mind every day.  We've been very busy since the transition to being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM), which is kind of ironic.  Soon, I'll be posting more about what's been going on in our little world and why I've been relatively silent.  Sometimes when God is doing His work in your life, you have to sit back and let the Master do what He does best without getting in his way.

In the meantime, a wonderful friend and prayer warrior posted something on her facebook page today that I wanted to share with you.  If you are married, plan to marry some day, or simply want to know why marriage is so hard - this blog post is for you!

Hans And Star Molegraaf started a blog called Marriage Revolution, here is what Hans had to say about it:
"In 2010, God led and enabled us to start 'Marriage Revolution'.  Marriage Revolution exists to help hurting couples experience lasting change, hope for tomorrow, and intimate joy with God and each other"

Recently, they posted an entry that was immediately on my heart to share it with all of you!
Click the title and give the post a read:

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