God Leads, I Follow

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This journey I've been on has been joyful and distressing; but I know I am blessed.  Not "blessed" in the sense you are thinking - family, friends, job security, money, fame, etc.  Our preacher taught on the true meaning of "blessed" a few weeks back.  In a nutshell - someone who is blessed has fruit of the spirit.  How do you get that?  Read John 15.  I have been having my branches pruned and by the Grace of God I am bearing fruit.  By the way - fruit of the spirit tastes amazing!

Rewind back to when I lost my job.  Remember that prayer?  I said I was committed to letting God lead and I trusted in Him faithfully to provide every morsel and penny for our family.  Boy did He!  In fact, I was unemployed for less than 12 hours.  Yes, God did work that fast!

A friend and mentor reached out to me late that Friday afternoon.  She knew someone who had connections with an area restaurant and asked them to make a call.  The manager at the restaurant agreed to hire me and that I show up on Monday for paperwork and orientation.  I was hired - sight unseen, even with no experience, because of a reference.  The sun hadn't set yet and I already had another job.  God was showing His ability to provide as long as I had faith in Him to do so.

If you have never worked in the service industry, December is incredibly busy.  This particular restaurant was ideal for large groups and parties so December is even more busy for them.  The work was physically and mentally exhausting to say the least, but I was so happy to be working I showed up every day with a happy heart.  The managers there even nicknamed me Sunshine and that become who I was.

My time there taught me much.... stay tuned.

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