God Still Speaks

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A saying comes to mind: God is still speaking, but will we ever shut up long enough to listen?

Yes, God still does miracles. He still speaks to us just as plainly as He did in the Old Testament. Of course, we're busier and louder now than Old Testament folks. I wonder, if God chose to appear as a burning bush today, what would happen?

I imagine we'd capture pictures to post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. We'd call 911 to come douse the flames with with water and chemicals while we capture video to post on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. We'd all marvel at how the bush did not burn despite what really seemed like real flames and heat and debate how this could happen?

Specialists would perform investigations and review all the evidence. Scientists would hypothesize, late night shows would poke fun, theologians would argue, and politicians would legislate. Eventually we'd determine it was what? A hoax, fluke, terrible consequence of all our industrialization, terrorism? Certainly it wouldn't be God. He only talks to bearded old men in the pages of a dusty old book.

Are you so sure?

I've had opportunities, especially lately, to hear testimonies from all kinds of people - many I am happy to call friend, others I've never met and never will. While some testimonies come from a time/place long before I ever met the person, some I have had the privilege of watching unfold while others I've had the honor of praying someone through.

One thing holds true regardless:
My God is a Great Big God who genuinely cares about our teeny weeny lives
and He is still speaking we just have to listen.

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