Advent 12/5

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All items in blue are from Carrie Pratt's Mentor Mom's materials and are used here with permission.

Today we are taking the boys to do our annual photo with Santa (assuming my spirited boy decides to behave himself).  The discussion of Christians incorporating Santa into the Christmas holiday comes up every so often.  I cannot tell you what's right for your family.  For ours, it's a beloved tradition generations of our family uses.

I do my best to relate Jesus' attributes to those we also give to Santa.  For example: giving impossible gifts (like salvation to everyone), being able to see everything everyone does, the love he has for everyone (naughty or nice), our desire to be on the "nice" list, and the list goes on....

What kind of attributes do your children recognize in people?  Which are good, which are bad?  In what other ways do you think we give Santa attributed of our Savior?  What attributes do we desire in our friends?

Family Scripture Reading: 

Romans 15:1-13

"Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like minded one toward another according to Christ Jesus."

Family Discussion Suggestion: 
Discuss with your children how important it is to choose good friends so that they may encourage one another to follow the Lord Jesus.

Advent Activity:

Sharing with others in need. Christmas is a special time to be charitable and to show love to others. There are many ways your children can do this including the Salvation Army bell ringers, Toys for Tots, Angel Trees and so on. God loves a joyful giver!

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