Filling the Tank

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Ever since my hiatus, I've been really off my routine.  I always find it interesting how thrown off even the tiniest changes in our day can be.  I can see over the years where I would stop/start doing something out of necessity and it would snowball into a complete change in behavior.  For example, when I went back to work keeping my house was lower priority than time with my kids.  I got out of the habit of cleaning like I did when I was a young homemaker. Despite having been home for over a year now, I still only do the bare minimum and spend more time goofing off with my kids.  Yes, I'm at least spending that time with the boys, but there are drawbacks.  My organization system has crumbled and I've turned into the queen of piles.  When I "clean up" it's usually knocking down piles and picking up messes that creep back within a few hours.

Filling the Tank

Another area in my life that has taken a hit is my bible study.  I was doing so well for a while; purposefully getting into God's word every single day.  The last couple of months I've done a terrible job of opening my bible and reading.  I am still exposed to scripture regularly, which is a huge plus and has probably kept me fueled.  The issue is that being exposed to scripture is like filling a gas tank that has 1/4 left to only 1/2 a tank - it runs out quickly and really affects how well you run.  Purposeful bible study takes a 1/4 tank and fills it up completely.  That full tank takes a lot longer to burn off fuel and you run so much better!

This is me purposing and holding myself accountable to you to read my bible.  I'm looking forward to finding some of the advent scriptures to do with the boys as Christmas approaches.  For myself, I think I'm going to do a more structured study than usual.  Last year, hubby bought me several bible study guides.  The one I really want to do I can't find (not shocking with my lack of organization) so until it turns up I'll work through a book of devotional prayer Beth Moore wrote called Praying God's Word Day by Day.  Since it's already dated, I just added the year for today's date so looking back I can recall when/where I was when I read that page.

What struck a cord with me today is that God is faithful even when we are lacking in our own faith (2 Timothy 2:13) and when we are lacking in our own faith it doesn't change that He is still faithful to us (Romans 2:23).  What he portions out to us is not dependent or proportional to how faithful we are to him.  Thank God for that because otherwise I would be up a very smelly creek without a paddle and there's a hole in the boat!!  

Baby Update!

I haven't posted about our rainbow in a little while so let's do a quick update.   Some of you know I've been reluctant to post a bump pic; especially since receiving some criticism (not wrongly; mistakes were made) for my insensitivity to those who's hearts yearn for a little one. 

That being said, I also feel like God wants me to boast in His glory and His gift in allowing me to carry our fifth child. So thanks be to God that He's given us 29 healthy weeks with Roman Lee!  Yes, we picked a name...

Roman = strong, powerful
Lee = healer

We're prayerfully looking forward to another 10 weeks before Roman makes his debut!  As of today, Roman is 29 weeks old (7, almost 8, months) and enjoys synchronized womb judo, coffee, and Laffy Taffy. He dislikes dinner, Mommy brushing her teeth, and anything touching his bump. 

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